A dwarf rogue that enjoys plummeting his daggers into the ribcages of his enemies.


HP – 18
AC – 17
Flat-Footed – 13
Initiative – +4
Fort – +0
Will – +0
Reflex – +9
+1 Dagger – +1 attack bonus, 1d4
Short Sword – +0 attack bonus, 1d6-1
Light Crossbow – +5 attack bonus, 1d8
Listen – 8
Search – 10
Spot – 0


Baldrick was raised in royalty with his good friend Valgar. Together, they raised hell for the other dwarven children in the kingdom. Ever since the two have been together, the world has been a slightly more dangerous place. Baldrick doesn’t take dung from anyone, and would much rather negotiate with his dagger than with his mouth. Even if he was force to talk things out, daggers in his words would do a job well done in his eyes.
There are only three things that make Baldrick happy: His best friend Valgar, a good strong stout, and plunging his dagger into the heart of a worthy adversary. Baldrick enjoys a challenge when fighting. He would leave those lesser of him alone in the heat of battle to move onto bigger and tougher enemies.


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