Sam Wainwright

A being of pure evil. He will do whatever it takes to gain power and doesn't have a problem with taking out the "do gooders" that try to challenge him.


The life of Sam is one of hardship and loathing.
The Childhood
Sam grew up in a very small and sheltered gnome village by the name of Glortarnia. He had the perfect childhood. His parents Talia and Garnor treated him with utmost respect and taught him many life lessons. He also had many friends and was loved by everyone in the small village. Little did everyone know of the darkness within him just waiting to be let out. Little did everyone know of the darkness within him. He would wander around in the woods and torture small animals and kill just for sport and not for nesscitiy. He had the goody goody look in the village, but he knew that he was born to be evil. He had a good life going for him until the day of his mom’s birthday…..

The Hatred Begins
One day Same went off into the woods to find a present for his mother’s birthday. When he returned he found the village destroyed and the bodies of his friends and peers strewn across the land. He went to what was left of his house and found his mother lying on the floor several wounds slowly killing her. Sam went to her and she told him that the people came out of nowhere and she told him to run and go far and find help. She died there in his arms and he wept. From here on out Sam knew that he would never trust or find good in anyone even himself.

The Monastery
After traveling on his own for many weeks and on the verge of death, he found himself outside a monastery. He knocked on the door and several monks quickly took him to their headmaster, a human named Hardod. Hardod listened to Sam’s story and saw potential in the young gnome. The second headmaster Targid sensed evil in the youngling and thought that they should be rid of him, but Hardod ignored him.

The Training and Betrayal
Sam trained with the other pupils and eventually made his way to headmaster’s apprentice and began training with Hardod. One day Hardod was teaching Sam a technique that only he knew. Sam had been slowly changing over the years and had become tired of the old man’s teachings. He believed he should be headmaster. He challenged Hardod to a battle and was sure that he could beat the old geezer easily, but he was defeated within minutes. Frustrated he decided to kill Hardod. He put poison in his food and he succeeded. But, he was caught by Targid and was forced to fight all the people he had trained with throughout the years. He killed all 25 of them and moved on to conquer the world. The evil inside him was growing.

The Evil Takes Hold
Sam will do anything that will make him stronger and will do anything if he wants something. He loves to steal and beat the homeless and even captures drunks and then tortures them when they sober up. He has embraced the evil that has grown inside him and nobody can stop him from doing whatever he pleases.

Sam Wainwright

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