Dwarf Fighter


str +4
dex -1
const +3
int +0
wis +0
charisma -2

fortitude +6
reflex +0
will +1

touch AC – 9
flatfooted – 15

base attack +3

initiative -1

Shield proficiency – no armor check penalty on attack rolls
Quick Draw – draw weapon is a free action
Power attack- trade attack bonus for damage
Cleave – extra mele attack after dropping a target


Prince to a dwarven kingdom, this fighter is more than ready to prove himself to the world as a leader and conqueror. Young and rash, he set out with Baldrick, his childhood friend, to find some vague glory that will show his worth to the world. Feared and admired with his people, the short temper and long blade of this dwarf will surely conquer the empire, or be enveloped in his own lust for power.


Renald Bronson_Mulder